Research has concluded that your DNA is not your Destiny.  The good news is that gene EXPRESSION is influenced predominantly by Nutrition, Lifestyle & Environment keeping YOU in the driver's seat of your personal health.

 Can We Optimize Our Health Through Epigenetics?

First Things First - What Exactly is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of changes in our body caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.  To be more precise, it is the science of cell activity regulation that directly corresponds to favorable or unfavorable health ... Read More

Getting Smarter - Should We Make Nutrition & Lifestyle Decisions Based On Our Personal Epigenetics?

If we know that through Epigenetics we can modify the expression of our genes then wouldn't the next logical step in application be how and why?  Epigenetic assessment technology may very well be the key to disease prevention and unlocking your full potential.  There are various ways to assess your evolving Epigenetic state, some better than others therefore...Read More

Umanetics Defined...

A Fully Personalized Approach that Begins With


Cutting Edge Assessments

An Epigenetic hair scan is the first step in assessing your current nutritional needs.  Additional advanced assessments are also available that measure telomere length and map out the RNA of your microbiome.


A Diverse Coaching Model

Powerful coaching applications are available due to the wide variety of professionals using this technology in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Practitioners within the mental health, physical health, fitness  & sport performance industries have found unique & insightful ways to integrate this into their practice creating an entirely new level of value for their patients/clients.    


Personalized Solutions

The ability to accurately identify your body's current nutrient utilization needs and negative stress is a true game changer in the field of personalization.   There is no longer a need to take a shot in the dark or rely solely on symptom specific assessments & expensive blood & urine testing.    


Laser Focused Epitrition, 

Not a Fad Diet

Nutritional science has evolved greatly over the past 20 years.  We know that specific foods effect individuals differently and also the conversion of food to energy is one of the primary methods our body's use to solve the demands placed on it daily.  With personal Epigenetic mapping, you can ensure you are always giving your body the nutrient resources it is seeking while at the same time identifying undesirable environmental stress, foods & food additives that are causing digestive inefficiency. 

Learn How to Fully Personalize Your Nutrition with Umanetics

Your Pathway to Optimized Health

Step One: 

complete your  epigenetic scan

A scan is completed using 4 strands of hair.  Your personal results are provided within an informative & fully actionable 27 page report.    

step two:

review your report with a coach

Professionals within all areas of health and wellness use our technology.  If you would like additional guidance, you may consider using our digital report coaching platform.  

Step Three:

follow your

Personal plan

Your plan will mostly consist of adjusting your whole food intake to support your current Epigenetic expression, however your coach may make additional beneficial recommendations. 

STep four:

Re-Assess and reSET

Every 90 days

Your Epigenetic state changes over time in direct correlation to your changing life stress & environment.  The technology we employ maps out your 90 day trend, therefore re-assessment and adjustment is essential.

Complete Your Epigenetic Scan by Mail or at a Certified Location Near You. 

Use Our Digital Coaching Platform to Better understand Your Report


 Terri M 

 Functional Health Coach 

I love using this technology!  It provides highly valuable information that I can't see using my traditional assessment techniques.  It helps me more effectively guide my clients in making important food and lifestyle choices specific to their current health challenges.

Fully Optimized & Personalized EPItrition

Whole Food Based, Personal EPItrition 

Your Epigenetic report will identify the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids & antioxidants your body has been seeking most intensely to solve it's daily energy challenges and will provide a fully personalized 90 day whole food rotation plan.  In addition to listing foods are rich in the resources your body is currently requiring, it will also provide pertinent information on environmental stresses that are negatively effecting you along with whole food based cleansing and resistance solutions.  

Optimized System Support

Optimize DNA - Cellular DNA repair formula with patented & peer reviewed ingredient AC-11 for optimal cellular division and gene expression... Learn More

Optimize Cardio - Circulatory Support formula with patented & peer reviewed Nobel Prize winning Nitric Oxide ingredient for vaso-dilation and optimal nutrient delivery... Learn More

Personalized Boosts - Personally formulated Epitrition Boosts can be made for you based on your most recent Epigenetic report.  Integrating a fully personalized Boost will fill in EVERY gap and optimize the support of your body's current needs. ... Learn More

Learn More About Our Certified EPItrition Specialist Program

Become a Level 1 Certified Epitrition Specialist and help others gain better control of their health, performance and well-being than ever before. 

Our level 1 certification is designed specifically for the health, wellness, fitness & sport industry.  Professionals that complete this certification will gain a strong fundamental understanding of Epigenetics as it relates to nutritional mapping for enhanced human performance and overall well-being.  

Level 1 Certified Epitrition Specialists will also learn how to more effectively coach patients & clients using the personalized reports produced by patented Epigenetic Assessment technology. 


Umanetics is an Epitrition centered education & coaching program built on over 50 years of combined industry experience and over 75 years of research.



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